Information for attorneys: Building Disputes

When a client is dissatisfied with the quality of the workmanship on a building or renovation project, we have the required experience and technical expertise to help parties reach an agreement in an unemotional, professional and expedient manner.

We always advise our clients to seek resolution outside of the legal system first.

Our reports are unbiased and refer to SA building regulations and NHBRC (National Home Builders Reconciliation Council) guidelines to determine whether workmanship is up to standard or if quality is lacking.

Most of the time our report and sometimes an onsite meeting with both parties can resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of both parties.

Should the client choose to take further legal action, we can assist in formal arbitrations by providing specific information and evidence as required.

We have also been called as expert witness in several Magistrate and High Court cases and understand the process and what is required by the attorney to assist with his case.