Information for sellers: Selling your house

Selling your house with a Inspection report can give you an advantage over other sellers and can take away the buyer’s negotiation power.

A sellers inspection report covers all the major components of the house such as the roof and structural components such as load bearing walls, cracks, damp etc. and not less important things which a diligent buyer can readily see for themselves such as the condition of floors, walls, windows and doors.

Showing such a report to potential buyers shows them that these major issues have been inspected and their condition disclosed. Your house doesn’t have to be in perfect condition when you sell it, but by disclosing any defects upfront in a sellers inspection report, the buyer can no longer use the defects as a negotiation tool because you, the seller, would have taken these into account when setting your asking price.

If the repair costs are reasonable you could consider making repairs to improve the property to get a higher price.